Nice! Nano V2


The Nice! Nano V2 is a Pro Micro drop-in replacement board that makes building wireless keyboards a breeze. Built using power-conscious design and parts, the nice!nano stretches battery life to its limits. With a mid-mount USB-C port, the nice!nano is only 3.2mm thick. That’s thinner than a Pro Micro. The included UF2 bootloader makes updating the firmware as easy as dragging and dropping a file. No extra software required.

Add Bluetooth and battery to your keyboard

301230 Li-Po Battery recommended. This battery fits perfectly under a socketed Nano!

Tech Specs

Microcontroller Nordic nRF52840
Flash 1MB
GPIO Pins 21
Battery Charger 4.2V Lithium @ 100/500mA rate
Voltage 3.3V
Quiescent Current ~20μA
PCB 2U” ENIG, Tg 170 FR4

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